Making quantum Leaps

The Universe is saying to You today:

Focus more of Your attention on imagining the Feeling of Your desired outcome. What does it Feel like to You to achieve Your highest and best life?

How does it FEEL Knowing  that You can reach Beyond what You previously thought possible?  Really stretch Your Your abilities, Focus more on the non-physical aspect of You that is You!

Reminder: You do not need to chase what You already know is Yours

Their is no Limit to what You can create, Love lights Your way…

A leap of FAITH

Reminder: All things are possible, there is nothing off limits to You nor is anything out of reach. You are the leading edge of creation.

You have already done the asking, now relax and enjoy the unfolding of Your desires. A leap of faith is KNOWING, why would You need to effort for something that You know is already Yours?



You get the picture…


The Universe is saying to You today:

Stop useing Your Energy to worry, begin useing it to Believe. There is something magnificent and profoundly positive unfolding for You.

You have guidance that is letting You know exactly where to go, but if You ignore Your guidance, which is to say, if You ignore caring about how You feel….then You are ignoring Your guidance.

Focus on feeling good and watch how the Universe delivers more to feel good about…

Let it flow

A cosmic reminder… You are pure positive energy in a physical body. You are One with Source energy and have the ability to Be, do and have anything You desire……there is nothing that is off limits.

The more You align with good feeling thoughts the more You align with who You truly are.

Use Your internal compass and Feel Your desired Life into Being, allow Your emotions to guide You along the path of least resistance.

When something feels good to You, You are on the right path, Love be Your Light

Thoughts to “things”

Reaching for more of the things that  make You feel happy, attracts more “feel good” circumstances and experiences into Your physical reality

You are the “Leading edge” of creation, that is to say, Your imagination creates Your reality

Remember, Thoughts turn to “things”

Keep Your thoughts focused on positive outcomes and watch the Universe surprise and delight You

Be the Love that is You and SHINE Your beautiful Light

“God’s among men”

A reminder, You are Source Energy, You create Your own reality.

You create a multi-dimensional reality each time You send out a thought. Each time You have a thought You receive images to support that thought. The images are a glimpse  into future potential life paths. Your point of attraction is what You focus on.

Your reality is what ever You believe it is. Desire and expectation are Powerful emotions. Each time You focus on something You feel an energy shift, Your internal guidance system is showing You which way to go.

Believe in who You are, stand in Your own Power, You are a Creator of Worlds

Love Yourself unconditionally, focus Your desire on having the best Life for Yourself

The Universe always delivers, when You Believe in magic, magic happens…

One who is connected to Source is more Powerful than millions who are not

Have a beautiful and uplifting day

What will You….

Now is the time for calibration and team work. Both Your inner and outer world’s.

Be kind and compassionate to Yourself, Calibration with Your inner being is necessary to manifesting a desired Life.

When You are in calibration with Your inner being All things are possible. Your emotional guidance system let’s You know where You are in relation to Your connection with Source.

Choose what You focus on. Allow others to do as they will. Vibrating at a higher frequency resonates with all the corresponding components, Inviting positive energy into Your physical experience.

You will notice how Everything keeps working out for You

Be open to the signs from the Universe and follow the guidance of Your heart, Unconditional Love is Unconditional Love

What will You Create today?

Now is the….

Let go and follow the guidance of Your heart,  trust everything is always working out for You.  Attract into Your life the ‘things’ that elevate You and those around You.

One benefits We all benefit, Giving is receiving… is gratitude, giving is a continous energy stream of abundance. Unconditional Love creates Unconditional Love

Time to step into Your power and put Your talents and gifts to good use. Your Energy creates Worlds. You Choose the frequency at which You resonate with Source.

Remember, each moment is a New moment..

Be Inspired to ‘BE’

What is worthy of Your time?

Is it the urge to be heard above all else, disregarding valuable input from those nearest?

If something resonates, pay attention to it. If what is being conveyed benefits, try it out, if not discard it.


Is it the need to be “right”? Taking a step back sometimes brings with it a new perspective and focus.

Focus on the divine spark inside of You. ….Remember You are connected to Source Energy. Viewing the world and those around You through the eyes of Source is pure and positive energy……Unconditional Love

What does Being ‘Open Minded’ mean?

To listen intently without judgement. Affording You more opportunities for personal growth. Learn to understand the spoken and unspoken word, Doing so will strengthen Your relationships with those around You, aswell as give a deeper understanding of Who You are.

Each new conversation/encounter is an exchange of information, You choose how You act or react.

Avoid being drawn in to old ways of trying to correct someone else’s path, You can’t walk it for them, the same as no one can walk Yours. Focus on Your path and those who wish to follow, will.

What will You choose today? Free will is, has and always will be Yours……

Unconditional Love is… Unconditional Love

Have a beautiful and uplifting day


Welcome to this new and beautiful moment

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You are blessed with PURE TRUST…….. Your FREE WILL

You are Loved and Trusted unconditionally to be given a gift as powerful as Free Will


Self doubt is “saying” To Yourself You are not worthy and deserving of being Loved

God Trusts You, so should You

TRUST is Creating with “pure” INTENT.

“No”, “I can’t”, “I don’t have the energy” are all Lack of Trust. Remember “Existing” in Lack is also INTENT. Wether Your INTENT is Positive or negative, it remains INTENT.

You picked Your Path for a reason, now it has brought You Here, Love’s “voice” is everywhere

Life is Giving, with pure Intent, To Share what we know, Gain WISDOM and LOVE AND BE LOVED. Life is…to Create Miracles, knowing the Power of Love is with You, every step of Your picked way

What are Your intentions with You? What will You create today?

Unconditional Love, creates Pure INTENT

Pure Intent creates Miracles


“BEING” here in this moment, is a miracle, each beautiful moment of Your existence is a miracle………………You are a Miracle


God bless Your beautiful Journey


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“Awakening” is Enlightenment, the “key” to the Universe

Your connection to God is shown You.

You have psychic and empathic abilities, Gifts that give You “sight” and sound “understanding” of how to connect to the world around You, to connect with Your “brothers” and “sisters” in ways previously only ‘Imagined’, Our Souls connect in ‘Spirit’. The realisation, “Everything”  is conceivable, it is a whole new ‘language’, Love’s Language.


Ever considered why on occasion You know what someone is going to do or say? Like You can ‘read’ their mind. “Thought” is communication, We all possess the gift.

Remember, there are no coincidences, everything has reason and purpose. You have been divinely guided to be here in this moment, You are reading this for a reason

Love and Free Your Soul, know who You are

Focus all Your Energy on Love and watch Your World change 


God bless Your beautiful Journey



“Open minded”

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Being “open minded” is being open to Receiving.

This means setting aside in the ‘moment’ Your own “will” to be “right” or to be heard. This does not mean You relinquish Your own thoughts or opinion.

Being “Open minded” means you are now able to fully absorb the information being passed on to You. Treat every encounter as an opportunity for Growth, an exchange of information.

You do not have to agree with someone else’s truth nor ‘they’ with Yours

Each encounter brings with it a wealth of new information, You choose what You wish to take away from a conversation. Remember, You have the power to change the “STATUS QUO”

However “inconsequential” some exchanges of information may “seem”, There is purpose and reason to everything

God bless Your every new “encounter”

‘Soul Mates’

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Every ‘Soul’ encounter, is an encounter for Growth. You choose, to make it Beautiful.

When “Shown” Your truth it may “feel” as though Your off balance.

Unconditional Love brings it all into Focus. You choose how You react


Be the ‘soul mate’ You would like to meet, should it be Love You ‘seek’, it is Love You will ‘greet’
“Finding” Your Soul mate is to “find” another YOU


You have the Power to begin Your adventure any new moment You choose

God bless Your journey



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Manifesting Positive change requires ACTION on Your part.

Putting Your Gifts to use, requires “Practice”. Practice without Action, remains exactly that, Practice.

Your ‘thoughts’ are ‘actions’. Your “thought” can keep You where You are or move You forward. You determine the “pace” at which You Grow

Remember, You are connected to ONE Universal energy, The Power of God. Whatever You ask for is what You will receive.

Focusing Your thought on lack, “self-pity”, “pain” will only give You more of the same

Pure intent and gratitude “speed” Your growth

Manifesting in Love will give You more Love

God bless Your beautiful Journey