YOU are One

The Universe is saying to You today:

Practice Oneness, remind Yourself that All, is YOU.

Love is Unconditionally, Unconditional, put more Focus on You and how You feel, Focus on Your own dreams and desires….Aim High and do not sell Yourself short of Your Worth. Aim high and reach Beyond Your perceived limitations.

A belief is only a thought You keep thinking. You choose the picture You want to paint. Remember it’s All You!

Believe it and Know it it is done…You are One with the energy that Creates Worlds

The Next logical step

The Universe is saying to You today:

You do not need to try so hard. Focus less on the manifestation and more on the FEELING of Your desire.

Make quantum Leaps, move from a state of believing to KNOWING.

In the same way that You do not concern Yourself with how Your Car’s engine moves You forward down the road, You just Know that it does. All You need to do is focus on is feeling how it feels to live Your desired Life in this moment and allow the Universe to do the rest.

The “how” is not important,The more You relinquish control, the faster You make manifest Your desired outcomes.

Cosmic reminder: It is all YOU!

Love lights the way…

Let it flow

A cosmic reminder… You are pure positive energy in a physical body. You are One with Source energy and have the ability to Be, do and have anything You desire……there is nothing that is off limits.

The more You align with good feeling thoughts the more You align with who You truly are.

Use Your internal compass and Feel Your desired Life into Being, allow Your emotions to guide You along the path of least resistance.

When something feels good to You, You are on the right path, Love be Your Light

Those who are meant to read it, Will…

You are here for a reason, exactly where You are meant to be in this moment. Be open to the voice of the Universe. When You are open to the guidance of Your heart, You will hear both the spoken and unspoken word , You will  begin to notice signs and messages everywhere.
Try not focus on the who is saying it but rather on the what is being said….If it resonates with You, pay attention to it.

As You shift Your conscious awareness to how You feel and raise Your vibration, You will begin to see how the people, circumstances and surrounding in Your life begin to change. When You change, they change.

You are on the leading edge of creation, following Your bliss will lead to Your desires.
Be inspired to inspire, it all starts with You……….You are the Placebo!

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Have a beautiful and fulfilling day

Remembering how to be You

A reminder…

The Universe at large is a vibrational mirror, whatever You focus Your attention on becomes Your point of attraction.
If You are revelling in a continuous  barage of negative self talk, self pity, doubt, anger,  and frustration, the Universe will only show You more of the same.

You came into this world as PURE POSITIVE ENERGY
You have, are and always will be connected to Source Energy. You are the Creator of Worlds. Reminder….You do not need approval from other’s to feel worthy……YOU ARE ALREADY WORTHY!

Regardless of where You are in this moment, You have the  power to change it to what You truly desire. You are a Creator not a reactor.

Your emotions are Your built in guidance system, feel good thoughts bring joy and happiness into Your reality

Use Your emotions to create the feeling of having already achieved Your desired outcome and watch it unfold.

Remember……Thoughts turn to things.

Self Love is most direct route to enlightenment……..Treat Yourself with kindness and compassion, You will have an amazing and uplifting day

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You have come too far to give up on Who You are…

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Welcome to this new and beautiful moment

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You are blessed with PURE TRUST…….. Your FREE WILL

You are Loved and Trusted unconditionally to be given a gift as powerful as Free Will


Self doubt is “saying” To Yourself You are not worthy and deserving of being Loved

God Trusts You, so should You

TRUST is Creating with “pure” INTENT.

“No”, “I can’t”, “I don’t have the energy” are all Lack of Trust. Remember “Existing” in Lack is also INTENT. Wether Your INTENT is Positive or negative, it remains INTENT.

You picked Your Path for a reason, now it has brought You Here, Love’s “voice” is everywhere

Life is Giving, with pure Intent, To Share what we know, Gain WISDOM and LOVE AND BE LOVED. Life is…to Create Miracles, knowing the Power of Love is with You, every step of Your picked way

What are Your intentions with You? What will You create today?

Unconditional Love, creates Pure INTENT

Pure Intent creates Miracles


“BEING” here in this moment, is a miracle, each beautiful moment of Your existence is a miracle………………You are a Miracle


God bless Your beautiful Journey


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“Awakening” is Enlightenment, the “key” to the Universe

Your connection to God is shown You.

You have psychic and empathic abilities, Gifts that give You “sight” and sound “understanding” of how to connect to the world around You, to connect with Your “brothers” and “sisters” in ways previously only ‘Imagined’, Our Souls connect in ‘Spirit’. The realisation, “Everything”  is conceivable, it is a whole new ‘language’, Love’s Language.


Ever considered why on occasion You know what someone is going to do or say? Like You can ‘read’ their mind. “Thought” is communication, We all possess the gift.

Remember, there are no coincidences, everything has reason and purpose. You have been divinely guided to be here in this moment, You are reading this for a reason

Love and Free Your Soul, know who You are

Focus all Your Energy on Love and watch Your World change 


God bless Your beautiful Journey



“Open minded”

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Being “open minded” is being open to Receiving.

This means setting aside in the ‘moment’ Your own “will” to be “right” or to be heard. This does not mean You relinquish Your own thoughts or opinion.

Being “Open minded” means you are now able to fully absorb the information being passed on to You. Treat every encounter as an opportunity for Growth, an exchange of information.

You do not have to agree with someone else’s truth nor ‘they’ with Yours

Each encounter brings with it a wealth of new information, You choose what You wish to take away from a conversation. Remember, You have the power to change the “STATUS QUO”

However “inconsequential” some exchanges of information may “seem”, There is purpose and reason to everything

God bless Your every new “encounter”



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The “secret” is, there is no “secret”, the “secret” is the “secret”
“Chasing” ‘secrets’ leads to more ‘secrets’

“Secrets” are “deception” and create confusion, exclusion and division



Have You ever considered, Why You believe what You believe?

Do You “believe” ‘it’ because “everyone” else does or do You Really KNOW?


Practice discernment


Love only “speaks” Truth, God is Love



“Deep” to find You

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If all we do is focus on what we don’t have, all we will “have”, is what we don’t

Saying; “I hope” is…. Guessing with uncertainty,

Believing is ‘knowing’ and ‘knowing’ is Believing

Love and self belief go hand in hand


“look” deep “inside” and You will Find You


Self improvement is often the best “cure”

“There is purpose in everything and everything in Purpose”


Love show You Your “purpose”, God bless Your journey



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adult anger art black background
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‘Anger’ is an emotion like any other, it is a ‘gauge’ as to how “We” are “feeling”, it shows us who we choose to be in that moment. “Anger” is a ‘defense’ mechanism when confronted by Truth.

They are our “emotions” it’s our “anger” and it’s our Truth.

‘saying’ “something” or “someone” made “us” Loose “our” “temper”, is ‘saying’ “we”gave “our” emotions to an outside source to control

“emotions” let’s us know how to affect change, Within

“Anger” is part of “our” will, LOVE is God’s Will

Emotions are powerful gifts when immersed in Love.


You are a beautiful Soul and deserve a beautiful every new moment, God bless Your journey




The “Lies” we tell ourselves’

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We use the “pain” we ‘cling’ to as a measure for happiness.

You can ‘dwell’ in Your past and replay the ‘pain’ over and over again or realise that every part of Your journey including what You consider “mistakes” or “failure” have been a part of Your ‘growth’.

When You were a ‘child’, still unaware of what “pain” was, You would fall and “graze’ Your knee. All You knew was that the experience was unpleasant, You picked Yourself up, dusted off Your pants and continued on not giving the moment another ‘thought’.

We have “learned” that expressing and ‘dwelling’ in ‘pain’ and ‘self pity’ attracts sympathy and attention from ‘others’, hence, creating a false sense of self worth


Convincing ourselves’ that we would not know Love or happiness without “pain” or “failure” is living a Life of ‘regret’.

Success is not determined by how many ‘times’ you ‘fall down’ and ‘stand up’. Success is creating a beautiful Life in which You no longer “fall down”

You are Your own “measure”, Lead by Positive case

Love has, is and always will be, Love


God bless Your each new moment


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‘Soul Mates’

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Every ‘Soul’ encounter, is an encounter for Growth. You choose, to make it Beautiful.

When “Shown” Your truth it may “feel” as though Your off balance.

Unconditional Love brings it all into Focus. You choose how You react


Be the ‘soul mate’ You would like to meet, should it be Love You ‘seek’, it is Love You will ‘greet’
“Finding” Your Soul mate is to “find” another YOU


You have the Power to begin Your adventure any new moment You choose

God bless Your journey



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