Making quantum Leaps

The Universe is saying to You today:

Focus more of Your attention on imagining the Feeling of Your desired outcome. What does it Feel like to You to achieve Your highest and best life?

How does it FEEL Knowing  that You can reach Beyond what You previously thought possible?  Really stretch Your Your abilities, Focus more on the non-physical aspect of You that is You!

Reminder: You do not need to chase what You already know is Yours

Their is no Limit to what You can create, Love lights Your way…

YOU are One

The Universe is saying to You today:

Practice Oneness, remind Yourself that All, is YOU.

Love is Unconditionally, Unconditional, put more Focus on You and how You feel, Focus on Your own dreams and desires….Aim High and do not sell Yourself short of Your Worth. Aim high and reach Beyond Your perceived limitations.

A belief is only a thought You keep thinking. You choose the picture You want to paint. Remember it’s All You!

Believe it and Know it it is done…You are One with the energy that Creates Worlds

The Next logical step

The Universe is saying to You today:

You do not need to try so hard. Focus less on the manifestation and more on the FEELING of Your desire.

Make quantum Leaps, move from a state of believing to KNOWING.

In the same way that You do not concern Yourself with how Your Car’s engine moves You forward down the road, You just Know that it does. All You need to do is focus on is feeling how it feels to live Your desired Life in this moment and allow the Universe to do the rest.

The “how” is not important,The more You relinquish control, the faster You make manifest Your desired outcomes.

Cosmic reminder: It is all YOU!

Love lights the way…

A leap of FAITH

Reminder: All things are possible, there is nothing off limits to You nor is anything out of reach. You are the leading edge of creation.

You have already done the asking, now relax and enjoy the unfolding of Your desires. A leap of faith is KNOWING, why would You need to effort for something that You know is already Yours?



You get the picture…


The Universe is saying to You today:

Stop useing Your Energy to worry, begin useing it to Believe. There is something magnificent and profoundly positive unfolding for You.

You have guidance that is letting You know exactly where to go, but if You ignore Your guidance, which is to say, if You ignore caring about how You feel….then You are ignoring Your guidance.

Focus on feeling good and watch how the Universe delivers more to feel good about…

Your Voice

Remember: You do not need approval from other’s nor concern Yourself with what You think others think. Focus on You own inner being, do what feels right to You and stand in Your own truth. There is only one relationship to focus on… the one between You and You.

You are Limitless, use Your unique gifts and talents to their fullest. Reach and the Universe reaches, stretch and the Universe stretches.

Treat Yourself with Love and kindness and You will automatically elevate those around You.

The best is yet to come, You got this!

Thoughts to “things”

Reaching for more of the things that  make You feel happy, attracts more “feel good” circumstances and experiences into Your physical reality

You are the “Leading edge” of creation, that is to say, Your imagination creates Your reality

Remember, Thoughts turn to “things”

Keep Your thoughts focused on positive outcomes and watch the Universe surprise and delight You

Be the Love that is You and SHINE Your beautiful Light

“God’s among men”

A reminder, You are Source Energy, You create Your own reality.

You create a multi-dimensional reality each time You send out a thought. Each time You have a thought You receive images to support that thought. The images are a glimpse  into future potential life paths. Your point of attraction is what You focus on.

Your reality is what ever You believe it is. Desire and expectation are Powerful emotions. Each time You focus on something You feel an energy shift, Your internal guidance system is showing You which way to go.

Believe in who You are, stand in Your own Power, You are a Creator of Worlds

Love Yourself unconditionally, focus Your desire on having the best Life for Yourself

The Universe always delivers, when You Believe in magic, magic happens…

One who is connected to Source is more Powerful than millions who are not

Have a beautiful and uplifting day


Staying in Alignment with Your Source…

Working with the Universe and going with the flow, understanding that Your perspective of this physical reality is UNIQUE TO YOU

You are Your perspective

You are a powerful creator, You are what You believe You are.

You ‘see’, You are Love, You are Source Energy. When You see yourself as ONE with everything around You, connecting You with non-physical, the part of You that has the power to create Worlds. Aim for Your highest and best, Feel the Feeling of Your desires in the present moment. Feel that You are already Living Your dream life. The more You believe that it is already done, the faster You will manifest Your desired outcome.

You are LOVE and You are doing it all

You are connected to pure positive energy, imagine the best Life for Yourself, You choose what You make ‘real’ the Universe always delivers

Have an uplifting each new moment