Making quantum Leaps

The Universe is saying to You today:

Focus more of Your attention on imagining the Feeling of Your desired outcome. What does it Feel like to You to achieve Your highest and best life?

How does it FEEL Knowing  that You can reach Beyond what You previously thought possible?  Really stretch Your Your abilities, Focus more on the non-physical aspect of You that is You!

Reminder: You do not need to chase what You already know is Yours

Their is no Limit to what You can create, Love lights Your way…

YOU are One

The Universe is saying to You today:

Practice Oneness, remind Yourself that All, is YOU.

Love is Unconditionally, Unconditional, put more Focus on You and how You feel, Focus on Your own dreams and desires….Aim High and do not sell Yourself short of Your Worth. Aim high and reach Beyond Your perceived limitations.

A belief is only a thought You keep thinking. You choose the picture You want to paint. Remember it’s All You!

Believe it and Know it it is done…You are One with the energy that Creates Worlds

The Next logical step

The Universe is saying to You today:

You do not need to try so hard. Focus less on the manifestation and more on the FEELING of Your desire.

Make quantum Leaps, move from a state of believing to KNOWING.

In the same way that You do not concern Yourself with how Your Car’s engine moves You forward down the road, You just Know that it does. All You need to do is focus on is feeling how it feels to live Your desired Life in this moment and allow the Universe to do the rest.

The “how” is not important,The more You relinquish control, the faster You make manifest Your desired outcomes.

Cosmic reminder: It is all YOU!

Love lights the way…

Control Your thoughts

Cosmic reminder: Your Thoughts and beliefs create Your world.

Let go of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that keep You from You.

Refrain from trying to control Your external environment. Instead focus on Your inner world to change Your external world. Be the very thing You are wanting to attract.

Your emotions are merely Your indicator, letting You know that You are on the right path…

Be Love and attract Love

Be abundant and attract abundance

It is all You, create Your best life

Your Time…

The Universe is saying to You today:

Connect with others but be mindful to retain Your inner -balance, harmony and Your own personal Power. Be aware of over giving of Your time and energy.

Live Your own truths and express Yourself with clarity, purpose and Love.

Allow the Universe to Yield to You co-operative components that elevate and bolster You along Your path, by focusing more moment by moment on that which You desire in Your physical reality. In other words: set Your  intentions on how You desire Your day to go and what co-operative components You attract. “Be the person You would like to meet”

How You feel is key to what You attract


New Beginnings

The Universe is saying to You today:

This is the season things are just going to come together for You! Claim it. Believe it. Be ready for it!

Dream big and big things happen. Make Your point of attraction one of positive expectation and appreciation.

Love Yourself MORE

Ask and it is given

Cosmic reminder: The Universe is always talking, all You need to do is know how to listen…

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Receive guidance and clarity, understand how to improve the relationship between You and You. Be a deliberate Creator, Be inspired to be the whole of Who You are.

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Attraction, attraction, attraction

The Universe is saying to You today:

You are so much more than You think… You are being reminded that You are the centre of the Universe and that the Universe is at Your cammand.

Every thought and belief You hold create Your reality. You are One with  a world Governed by the Law of attraction, therefore every thought has an emotional stance which in turn has a vibrational output. The Universe does not respond to words only to how You feel in relation to any subject.

Pay attention to how You feel moment to moment. A good way to tell where You stand in relation to Your desires is by what is showing up in Your physical reality. When You deliberately focus on a thought repeatedly it becomes a belief and the Universe will start to present evidence to You. Reminder: there are no “others”, only co-operative components which the Universe has gathered for You based on Your vibrational output.

You are One with Source Energy, the energy that creates worlds, the very same energy that is creating Your World at this very moment.

Remember to have fun along the way


Remember to stay centered and grounded. Keep looking forward…

“Look forward” means “I am looking forward to my future” Do not allow negative thoughts and insecurities to keep You from who You truly are.

There is nothing more powerful than Your eternal NOW. When You quiet Your mind and connect with Source, You are connecting to the power that creates worlds……

Cosmic reminder: One who is connected to Source is more Powerful than millions that are not.

Time for an upgrade, Be appreciative for the opportunities and new open doors that are presenting themselves to You

You are Love and Light, keep up the good work

It is all YOU!

You do not need to concern Yourself with the how, let go and Trust, the Universe always delivers. Live in the Now moment and follow joyful impulse after joyful impulse.

Feelings of Love and appreciation speed the process

Let it flow

A cosmic reminder… You are pure positive energy in a physical body. You are One with Source energy and have the ability to Be, do and have anything You desire……there is nothing that is off limits.

The more You align with good feeling thoughts the more You align with who You truly are.

Use Your internal compass and Feel Your desired Life into Being, allow Your emotions to guide You along the path of least resistance.

When something feels good to You, You are on the right path, Love be Your Light

You First

You do not need anyone to “get” You nor to understand Your path. Believe in who You are and stand in Your own truth.

Focus on the positive relationships in Your reality not the negative ones. Keep Your Energy focused on positive outcomes, joy and Love are Your dominant vibration.

Keep shining Your beautiful Light

Thoughts to “things”

Reaching for more of the things that  make You feel happy, attracts more “feel good” circumstances and experiences into Your physical reality

You are the “Leading edge” of creation, that is to say, Your imagination creates Your reality

Remember, Thoughts turn to “things”

Keep Your thoughts focused on positive outcomes and watch the Universe surprise and delight You

Be the Love that is You and SHINE Your beautiful Light