Making quantum Leaps

The Universe is saying to You today:

Focus more of Your attention on imagining the Feeling of Your desired outcome. What does it Feel like to You to achieve Your highest and best life?

How does it FEEL Knowing  that You can reach Beyond what You previously thought possible?  Really stretch Your Your abilities, Focus more on the non-physical aspect of You that is You!

Reminder: You do not need to chase what You already know is Yours

Their is no Limit to what You can create, Love lights Your way…

Your Time…

The Universe is saying to You today:

Connect with others but be mindful to retain Your inner -balance, harmony and Your own personal Power. Be aware of over giving of Your time and energy.

Live Your own truths and express Yourself with clarity, purpose and Love.

Allow the Universe to Yield to You co-operative components that elevate and bolster You along Your path, by focusing more moment by moment on that which You desire in Your physical reality. In other words: set Your  intentions on how You desire Your day to go and what co-operative components You attract. “Be the person You would like to meet”

How You feel is key to what You attract


The art of allowing

It is time for some “fine tuning”

Mastering the art of “allowing”…when You are able to consistently hold Yourself in a place of non-resistance,  that which You desire will flow easily to You.

That means Focusing less on what is and placing Your attention on the feeling of Your desired outcome. That does not mean withdrawing Yourself from Your now physical reality, it means maintaining vibrational alignment with who You truly are no matter what is going on around You.

By Raising Your vibrational output consistently, any negative energies around You will simply go unnoticed.

Now You will begin to notice How things ARE ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR YOU

Your Voice

Remember: You do not need approval from other’s nor concern Yourself with what You think others think. Focus on You own inner being, do what feels right to You and stand in Your own truth. There is only one relationship to focus on… the one between You and You.

You are Limitless, use Your unique gifts and talents to their fullest. Reach and the Universe reaches, stretch and the Universe stretches.

Treat Yourself with Love and kindness and You will automatically elevate those around You.

The best is yet to come, You got this!


Staying in Alignment with Your Source…

Working with the Universe and going with the flow, understanding that Your perspective of this physical reality is UNIQUE TO YOU

You are Your perspective

You are a powerful creator, You are what You believe You are.

You ‘see’, You are Love, You are Source Energy. When You see yourself as ONE with everything around You, connecting You with non-physical, the part of You that has the power to create Worlds. Aim for Your highest and best, Feel the Feeling of Your desires in the present moment. Feel that You are already Living Your dream life. The more You believe that it is already done, the faster You will manifest Your desired outcome.

You are LOVE and You are doing it all

You are connected to pure positive energy, imagine the best Life for Yourself, You choose what You make ‘real’ the Universe always delivers

Have an uplifting each new moment


Our “Path”

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Our path has been to ‘exist’ in Life and not LIVE IT

“We are so wrapped up in Fear that we stand in judgement of ‘others’ so as to “feel” “fine”


We live a Life of “blame” and “shame”. “REGRET” is a heavy Load. “Put it Down” and Set “it” Free

Focus on what You Need, not what You don’t. You choose what You ‘want’ to bring forward with You. 


You can do it, You have You. You can create Perfect harmony, the power is WITHIN YOU

You have always chosen and You always will


Finding Your “Harmony” is “recognising” Your True self……..Your Balance, “ONENESS”

When We become Love


It is Love’s True Power, the “key” to that “gate”

Create a “World” EVERYONE ‘wants’ to be part of, where Love is Lived everywhere, this is the world we have the Power to Create

a world where to BE FREE  is to Love and be Loved

To create a Perfect World The Way God intended

To Live Life in Perfect Clarity and the power to ‘Colour’ Your World

Unconditional Love is inside You, Focus on the “Key”


Embrace Your Power, it is wonderful to Be True You.

Always “show” GRATITUDE thank GOD each day, for YOU



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There are many different “sounds” vying for Your attention, some are distractions to keep You from walking Your ‘picked’ way with certainty. Remember, ‘chaos’ feeds ‘chaos’


Bring Your Thoughts to the present. Raise Your awareness,  listen to Love…………Love is everywhere.

Love has a distinct “sound” and is present in many ‘forms’. Being present will make You aware. 

Messages are always relayed in Divine correct timing, “they” are Your Direct Line………….intuition is all Yours, use it wisely


Each thought is driven by a powerful ‘gift’, Your emotion, which in turn ‘shows’ Your most noteworthy beliefs


Focus on the emotion You wish to Feel and begin to create. ‘Feeling’ joy in Your present, creates joy in Your future


The more Love and JOY You create, the ‘stronger’ You become

Love is……….LOVE

God bless Your each awakened moment


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Your strength

Keep Your thoughts Positive, You are a co-creator

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What You have always considered ‘weakness’ is where Your STRENGTH truly lies. Kindness, compassion and Love

The “Ego” demands respect

Where as Love, compassion and kindness COMMANDS respect

Respect Yourself First

You are Deserving and WORTHY


IMAGINE You are standing in the dark, surrounded by countless ‘others’. Every movement, sound and thought You create, releases an explosion of  LIGHT…………..Lighting the way for those around You

Unconditional Love creates Unconditional Love


God bless Your every beautiful moment


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