YOU are One

The Universe is saying to You today:

Practice Oneness, remind Yourself that All, is YOU.

Love is Unconditionally, Unconditional, put more Focus on You and how You feel, Focus on Your own dreams and desires….Aim High and do not sell Yourself short of Your Worth. Aim high and reach Beyond Your perceived limitations.

A belief is only a thought You keep thinking. You choose the picture You want to paint. Remember it’s All You!

Believe it and Know it it is done…You are One with the energy that Creates Worlds


Trust is letting go of the “struggle”

“Letting go” does not mean You relinquish Your desires, rather that You are trusting the Universe to deliver. “Ask and it is given”

Refrain from forcing Your desired outcome as this only throws resistance on Your path, allow Law of attraction time to gather the co-operative components. Your only “work” is to feel good and Trust the process. Reach for a state of excitement in anticipation of all the wonderful blessing entering Your life and be eager for more.

Love and appreciation help keep You in Alignment with Who You truly are

In Full ‘Macro’

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LOVE IS………… TO LOVE LIFE WHILE YOU LIVE “IT”. Loving LIFE is to LOVE all in “it”

That, is Living Life in “Technicolor”

With all souls Creating in Love, We All, Light up the Universe with Love

What a Beautiful Gift to be blessed with, the power to Create a Journey of Pure PERFECTION,

To be ONE


You choose to either slow it down and take it all in or keep “chasing” and miss the “show”


It is Amazing to be You, be the Light You have always Been


Every moment created in Love creates a Loving “memory”

You create the “Picture”


God bless Your journey

Your strength

Keep Your thoughts Positive, You are a co-creator

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What You have always considered ‘weakness’ is where Your STRENGTH truly lies. Kindness, compassion and Love

The “Ego” demands respect

Where as Love, compassion and kindness COMMANDS respect

Respect Yourself First

You are Deserving and WORTHY


IMAGINE You are standing in the dark, surrounded by countless ‘others’. Every movement, sound and thought You create, releases an explosion of  LIGHT…………..Lighting the way for those around You

Unconditional Love creates Unconditional Love


God bless Your every beautiful moment


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