Those who are meant to read it, Will…

You are here for a reason, exactly where You are meant to be in this moment. Be open to the voice of the Universe. When You are open to the guidance of Your heart, You will hear both the spoken and unspoken word , You will  begin to notice signs and messages everywhere.
Try not focus on the who is saying it but rather on the what is being said….If it resonates with You, pay attention to it.

As You shift Your conscious awareness to how You feel and raise Your vibration, You will begin to see how the people, circumstances and surrounding in Your life begin to change. When You change, they change.

You are on the leading edge of creation, following Your bliss will lead to Your desires.
Be inspired to inspire, it all starts with You……….You are the Placebo!

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Remembering how to be You

A reminder…

The Universe at large is a vibrational mirror, whatever You focus Your attention on becomes Your point of attraction.
If You are revelling in a continuous  barage of negative self talk, self pity, doubt, anger,  and frustration, the Universe will only show You more of the same.

You came into this world as PURE POSITIVE ENERGY
You have, are and always will be connected to Source Energy. You are the Creator of Worlds. Reminder….You do not need approval from other’s to feel worthy……YOU ARE ALREADY WORTHY!

Regardless of where You are in this moment, You have the  power to change it to what You truly desire. You are a Creator not a reactor.

Your emotions are Your built in guidance system, feel good thoughts bring joy and happiness into Your reality

Use Your emotions to create the feeling of having already achieved Your desired outcome and watch it unfold.

Remember……Thoughts turn to things.

Self Love is most direct route to enlightenment……..Treat Yourself with kindness and compassion, You will have an amazing and uplifting day

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“Take” a Moment

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Sometimes You need to slow down to ‘speed up’


Ask Yourself, ‘what is Worthy of Your “time”?’ Allowing Yourself to be drawn into a ‘loop’ of repeating negative emotions and thoughts or being ‘present’ in the moment, creating Your future?


“Balance” is ‘Being’ centered in Love


“It” has been said before and is Worth repeating, ‘ You! are more powerful than You give Yourself “credit”. Remember Who and what You are connected to. You are a “child” of God , Creator of the Universe.

Create with Love in the Now

Imagine in the “Now”, what it feels like to have all You have ever “dreamed”, To Create a World where LOVE AND PEACE REIGN SUPREME

Ask for and You will receive, Believe . Your power comes from the “source”, thank GOD each moment for gifting You with “it”. Creating in Love is Living in Love, Lead by positive “case”.

Living in Love is pure gratitude

Love, Create and Live

God bless Your journey


“Open minded”

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Being “open minded” is being open to Receiving.

This means setting aside in the ‘moment’ Your own “will” to be “right” or to be heard. This does not mean You relinquish Your own thoughts or opinion.

Being “Open minded” means you are now able to fully absorb the information being passed on to You. Treat every encounter as an opportunity for Growth, an exchange of information.

You do not have to agree with someone else’s truth nor ‘they’ with Yours

Each encounter brings with it a wealth of new information, You choose what You wish to take away from a conversation. Remember, You have the power to change the “STATUS QUO”

However “inconsequential” some exchanges of information may “seem”, There is purpose and reason to everything

God bless Your every new “encounter”

‘little pleasures’

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Something refered to as “little pleasures” is self ‘justification’, “we” convince ourselves’ that,  however ‘small’ our indulgences to the negative are, ‘they’ are deemed ‘acceptable’.

‘Indulgences’ to the negative, keep us from our Truth.


The more You heal on the “inside”, the more You change Your ‘outside’ world

The power is in You…You are worthy


Love is a beautiful Truth, be Love and BE FREE


“Deep” to find You

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If all we do is focus on what we don’t have, all we will “have”, is what we don’t

Saying; “I hope” is…. Guessing with uncertainty,

Believing is ‘knowing’ and ‘knowing’ is Believing

Love and self belief go hand in hand


“look” deep “inside” and You will Find You


Self improvement is often the best “cure”

“There is purpose in everything and everything in Purpose”


Love show You Your “purpose”, God bless Your journey



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‘Anger’ is an emotion like any other, it is a ‘gauge’ as to how “We” are “feeling”, it shows us who we choose to be in that moment. “Anger” is a ‘defense’ mechanism when confronted by Truth.

They are our “emotions” it’s our “anger” and it’s our Truth.

‘saying’ “something” or “someone” made “us” Loose “our” “temper”, is ‘saying’ “we”gave “our” emotions to an outside source to control

“emotions” let’s us know how to affect change, Within

“Anger” is part of “our” will, LOVE is God’s Will

Emotions are powerful gifts when immersed in Love.


You are a beautiful Soul and deserve a beautiful every new moment, God bless Your journey



‘Soul Mates’

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Every ‘Soul’ encounter, is an encounter for Growth. You choose, to make it Beautiful.

When “Shown” Your truth it may “feel” as though Your off balance.

Unconditional Love brings it all into Focus. You choose how You react


Be the ‘soul mate’ You would like to meet, should it be Love You ‘seek’, it is Love You will ‘greet’
“Finding” Your Soul mate is to “find” another YOU


You have the Power to begin Your adventure any new moment You choose

God bless Your journey



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‘Forged’ in Love


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“You” may use most of Your “time” indulging ‘others’ and ‘feel’ unappreciated. Appreciation and self worth comes from Within, knowing You have brought about positive change

You change Your world with every thought, action of LOVE YOU CREATE

Remember not everyone will agree with Your Truth, nor You with theirs. That is ok,

Logic and reason ‘forged’ with Love are powerful gifts


You be Your Light and Light the “way”


Love is, to ‘show gratitude each moment to God, for gifting us with this beautiful Life


God bless Your Journey



Manifesting Positive change requires ACTION on Your part.

Putting Your Gifts to use, requires “Practice”. Practice without Action, remains exactly that, Practice.

Your ‘thoughts’ are ‘actions’. Your “thought” can keep You where You are or move You forward. You determine the “pace” at which You Grow

Remember, You are connected to ONE Universal energy, The Power of God. Whatever You ask for is what You will receive.

Focusing Your thought on lack, “self-pity”, “pain” will only give You more of the same

Pure intent and gratitude “speed” Your growth

Manifesting in Love will give You more Love

God bless Your beautiful Journey

Stand In……To stand Out

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WE are gifted certain beautiful stand out moments all along Our path. We all know what they are. Moments that stand “out” when we stand IN LOVE

moments that have shown us, Who we are

We reach Out for Love…..when all along, it’s been WITHIN.


We all KNOW LOVE, when we connect with GOD, the realisation of the “BIGGER PICTURE”, to walk toward what we have always searched for, LOVE

When We have the “drive” and PASSION to connect with LOVE AND BE LOVE, There are No Limits to what Beauty and Wonder WE CAN CREATE. There is no Greater Power than Unconditional LOVE

Remember Who You are, True Love can not be corrupted. Step into each new moment,



We are blessed with a beautiful human form to experience our journey, we need to “feed” “it” and heal “it” from within.

Love is also Self Love. To stand in Love and Know Our worth. To know everything is already perfect. To “BECOME ONE”

Deep down You know what’s Good for You, feed Yourself “that”. The more You take care of what You have, the more You will have…………..the infinite Power of Love


GOD bless each “step” You take, Be Your OWN BEST FRIEND

Connect with one another in Love and Create PERFECTION





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