Life ‘unwritten’

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Your journey has yet to be written and You are the author


Ever wondered why You always “want” More? ………..Because, You Know there’s More

The “more” we search for, is the “Source” of our ‘Being’,The Source of our power. 

The Power to create a whole NEW WORLD, a World where LOVE FLOWS FREELY. Every Thought and Action Elevates You and mankind. Whatever Your Life “looks” like now, it no longer matters.

It takes only ONE thought to change your world. We all know We are destroying Our World, Chasing “wealth” and “status” on a “sinking ship”. This is how mankind views the Future, ‘that “it” will always be there’? Love and gratitude go hand in hand



Sometimes You need to get out of Your own way, THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED TO BE YOU. A New World Where You are You. 

Put out Positive Energy into the World around You, Love Yourself, Love Your Life. Love everything around You, Be part of a Future not a “dying” “past”. We are gifted infinite power in LOVE for Eternity. This is Your Life to Live, it is also Yours to “squander”

Truth is, You can’t “shake” someone “awake”, they have their path and You have Yours.

Spiritual Awakening is an “eye opener” like no other. To Know God exists, LOVE IS TRANSPARENT, the realisation that YOU ARE “the so much more” You have always known You Are.

We can choose here and NOW to “BECOME ONE”

You are being called to ACTION, to shine Your Light and Unite ‘Mankind’

Unconditional Love is the “key” to the Universe, LOVE IS IN YOU

God is with You every step of Your beautiful Journey, Love is and always will be Truth


God bless Your journey

‘little pleasures’

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Something refered to as “little pleasures” is self ‘justification’, “we” convince ourselves’ that,  however ‘small’ our indulgences to the negative are, ‘they’ are deemed ‘acceptable’.

‘Indulgences’ to the negative, keep us from our Truth.


The more You heal on the “inside”, the more You change Your ‘outside’ world

The power is in You…You are worthy


Love is a beautiful Truth, be Love and BE FREE



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Finding Your balance, Your peace, brings You wisdom and ‘gifts’ on a whole new Level

All Your power is Within, Focus on who You really are.

Your Human form has a “Brain” with an infinite capacity for Growth

Love is the Energy that LIGHTS UP YOUR SOUL, which in turn, lights up Your “brain” like a fire worx display.

With Your wholeness comes increased ‘Awareness’ on Every Level, “Gifting” You Access to………“MORE”


You have infinite “potential”, “More” is a moment away

Really learn to LOVE YOU, GOD is with You every “step” of the “way”, All You need do, is ask

Be Love and Be MORE


God bless Your “MORE”



In Full ‘Macro’

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LOVE IS………… TO LOVE LIFE WHILE YOU LIVE “IT”. Loving LIFE is to LOVE all in “it”

That, is Living Life in “Technicolor”

With all souls Creating in Love, We All, Light up the Universe with Love

What a Beautiful Gift to be blessed with, the power to Create a Journey of Pure PERFECTION,

To be ONE


You choose to either slow it down and take it all in or keep “chasing” and miss the “show”


It is Amazing to be You, be the Light You have always Been


Every moment created in Love creates a Loving “memory”

You create the “Picture”


God bless Your journey



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There are ‘moments’ when what ‘others’ say or do may ‘trigger’ “fear”

Be mindful, this is a ‘reflection’ of who they are and the ‘pain’ they wish to carry with them. 

You can take is personally and allow Yourself to be drawn into the situation or you can choose to view it for what it is….

Remember, the thoughts, ‘comments’ and actions directed Your way belong to the ‘source’


You are responsible for Your thoughts and actions, ‘others’ for theirs


Keep Yourself centered in Love………….Love creates more Love


Have a beautiful and uplifting day