“God’s among men”

A reminder, You are Source Energy, You create Your own reality.

You create a multi-dimensional reality each time You send out a thought. Each time You have a thought You receive images to support that thought. The images are a glimpse  into future potential life paths. Your point of attraction is what You focus on.

Your reality is what ever You believe it is. Desire and expectation are Powerful emotions. Each time You focus on something You feel an energy shift, Your internal guidance system is showing You which way to go.

Believe in who You are, stand in Your own Power, You are a Creator of Worlds

Love Yourself unconditionally, focus Your desire on having the best Life for Yourself

The Universe always delivers, when You Believe in magic, magic happens…

One who is connected to Source is more Powerful than millions who are not

Have a beautiful and uplifting day

What will You….

Now is the time for calibration and team work. Both Your inner and outer world’s.

Be kind and compassionate to Yourself, Calibration with Your inner being is necessary to manifesting a desired Life.

When You are in calibration with Your inner being All things are possible. Your emotional guidance system let’s You know where You are in relation to Your connection with Source.

Choose what You focus on. Allow others to do as they will. Vibrating at a higher frequency resonates with all the corresponding components, Inviting positive energy into Your physical experience.

You will notice how Everything keeps working out for You

Be open to the signs from the Universe and follow the guidance of Your heart, Unconditional Love is Unconditional Love

What will You Create today?

Moments in the Mirror

Create a framework that is pleasing to You, dream Your best dream. You are the Creator, You are the “magic”

To put that in perspective, You are co-creating the fabric of Everything, You create each moment in the moment

Shine Love and Light on Humanity, show others how to find their light.

Love first and be a deliberate Creator. Remind Yourself often Of Who You are. You are a creator of Worlds

The Universe is within You infinitely and You are Loved Unconditionally

Be You, the One who Knows who You  are, useing Your power wisely and being grateful for the new entering Your Life

The more You receive the more You should empart to others.

Be a deliberate Creator

The only thing You need focus Your attention on, is being happy. Only do the things You want to do. Your purpose is to Live Your life with joy in everything You do.

Become a vibrational match to Your desires.

What does it mean to become a ‘Vibrational match’?

Keeping in mind,You and everyone in this beautiful Universe are Governed by the Law of attraction. The Universe is a mirror, reflecting our every thought, action and spoken word.

Should You find Yourself a vibrational match to being miserable or unhappy, the Universe will show You more of the same. When You focus on being happy and centred in Love the same applies.

Feeling good about Yourself, treating Yourself with kindness and compassion will invite opportunities and circumstances into Your life that are worthy of Your time.

Know that You do not have to concern Youself with the how, where or when….. In the same way You do not concern Yourself with how Your car moves, it is the energy of the engine that gets You there, all You need to do is point the car in the direction You want to be.

Point Your desires with positive focus and feel good, allow the energy of the Universe to take care of the rest. Trust that all will work out for You.

The Universe does not discriminate, ” ask and it shall be given”

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Have a blessed and uplifting day



photo of green data matrix
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We have no “Gender”, we are neither “male” or “female”, Yet we are Both. It is In Your current Human Experience that You associate “gender” in the physical. We are all part of Source energy, GOD, an infinitely expanding collective consciousness.

That which we dissociate with or push away is a direct reflection of that which we have not yet acknowledged within ourselves. We ‘react’ in fear and ‘attack’, instead all we need do is understand and acknowledge that which we don’t know. There is only expansion in Learning as long as we are open to RECEIVING. Love is accepting all as Yourself

We Live in and are part of a Universe created by One Energy, the Source of our being.

When we are in a state of Oneness, we are One with GOD. By accepting and Loving that which You disapprove of WITHIN YOU, You are setting it Free.

We are ONE with  a Universe “Governed” by the “Law” of Attaction, Your Thoughts create Your universe. Focusing Your Attention on the things You don’t need is Living in a state of ‘resistance’ and by being in resistance to ‘something’ only attracts more of the same. When we are in a state of non-rersitance, we are open to receiving

You have the power to create whatever it is You “desire”, Get to KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  When we begin to Love Ourselves we begin to Love EVERYTHING

Unconditional LOVE is in an infinite supply

God bless Your beautiful and unique journey

Yes, You

You………………………Yes, You

What are You waiting for? You are being blessed with reminders, opportunities and a “wealth” of information, Information that helps guide You in order to walk Your picked way with certainty.

Emphatically Relinquish the “old” which is no Longer serving You, making “space” for the new entering Your Life. “Seek” after Your Sole mission with enthusiasm and drive.

Let go of past “feelings” they no longer exist, clinging to a past “pain” and replaying it on a loop where you think You ‘feel” safe only keeps You from Your Truth.
Focus on Your Emotions and deep sense of ‘Being’…………….Emotions are experienced in the Present, In the NOW. You choose How You wish to ‘feel’ Now, in this moment. You choose Everything. To Understand and Learn Love’s Language is a Beautiful Gift. Now is the Moment to really focus on Your Unique abilities. A call to ACTION is necessary, to remind Yourself, Why You chose to “Awaken” now?
However ‘pressing’ other matters may seem, there is nothing more important than SAVING SOULS AND SHOWING THIS WORLD HOW TO LOVE.

There is not one scenario where Love does not change and heal Your World

You are a Necessary and important part of this process, for You to partake, You need to be Present

Now is that moment to Love and become one, to ensure our Future. Imagine We had an annual “World Humanity week”, a period where everyone on this planet collectively acknowledged the other, to Love, share, help and to give freely. A world where You are You and the ‘material’ becomes immaterial. There are infinite possibilities. You have the power to change the “STATUS QUO”

Walking in Love, You gain everything and lose nothing.

Love and set Your Soul Free

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Thank You


Welcome to this new and beautiful moment

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You are blessed with PURE TRUST…….. Your FREE WILL

You are Loved and Trusted unconditionally to be given a gift as powerful as Free Will


Self doubt is “saying” To Yourself You are not worthy and deserving of being Loved

God Trusts You, so should You

TRUST is Creating with “pure” INTENT.

“No”, “I can’t”, “I don’t have the energy” are all Lack of Trust. Remember “Existing” in Lack is also INTENT. Wether Your INTENT is Positive or negative, it remains INTENT.

You picked Your Path for a reason, now it has brought You Here, Love’s “voice” is everywhere

Life is Giving, with pure Intent, To Share what we know, Gain WISDOM and LOVE AND BE LOVED. Life is…to Create Miracles, knowing the Power of Love is with You, every step of Your picked way

What are Your intentions with You? What will You create today?

Unconditional Love, creates Pure INTENT

Pure Intent creates Miracles


“BEING” here in this moment, is a miracle, each beautiful moment of Your existence is a miracle………………You are a Miracle


God bless Your beautiful Journey


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“Awakening” is Enlightenment, the “key” to the Universe

Your connection to God is shown You.

You have psychic and empathic abilities, Gifts that give You “sight” and sound “understanding” of how to connect to the world around You, to connect with Your “brothers” and “sisters” in ways previously only ‘Imagined’, Our Souls connect in ‘Spirit’. The realisation, “Everything”  is conceivable, it is a whole new ‘language’, Love’s Language.


Ever considered why on occasion You know what someone is going to do or say? Like You can ‘read’ their mind. “Thought” is communication, We all possess the gift.

Remember, there are no coincidences, everything has reason and purpose. You have been divinely guided to be here in this moment, You are reading this for a reason

Love and Free Your Soul, know who You are

Focus all Your Energy on Love and watch Your World change 


God bless Your beautiful Journey



“Take” a Moment

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Sometimes You need to slow down to ‘speed up’


Ask Yourself, ‘what is Worthy of Your “time”?’ Allowing Yourself to be drawn into a ‘loop’ of repeating negative emotions and thoughts or being ‘present’ in the moment, creating Your future?


“Balance” is ‘Being’ centered in Love


“It” has been said before and is Worth repeating, ‘ You! are more powerful than You give Yourself “credit”. Remember Who and what You are connected to. You are a “child” of God , Creator of the Universe.

Create with Love in the Now

Imagine in the “Now”, what it feels like to have all You have ever “dreamed”, To Create a World where LOVE AND PEACE REIGN SUPREME

Ask for and You will receive, Believe . Your power comes from the “source”, thank GOD each moment for gifting You with “it”. Creating in Love is Living in Love, Lead by positive “case”.

Living in Love is pure gratitude

Love, Create and Live

God bless Your journey


Life ‘unwritten’

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person holding save our planet sign
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Your journey has yet to be written and You are the author


Ever wondered why You always “want” More? ………..Because, You Know there’s More

The “more” we search for, is the “Source” of our ‘Being’,The Source of our power. 

The Power to create a whole NEW WORLD, a World where LOVE FLOWS FREELY. Every Thought and Action Elevates You and mankind. Whatever Your Life “looks” like now, it no longer matters.

It takes only ONE thought to change your world. We all know We are destroying Our World, Chasing “wealth” and “status” on a “sinking ship”. This is how mankind views the Future, ‘that “it” will always be there’? Love and gratitude go hand in hand



Sometimes You need to get out of Your own way, THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED TO BE YOU. A New World Where You are You. 

Put out Positive Energy into the World around You, Love Yourself, Love Your Life. Love everything around You, Be part of a Future not a “dying” “past”. We are gifted infinite power in LOVE for Eternity. This is Your Life to Live, it is also Yours to “squander”

Truth is, You can’t “shake” someone “awake”, they have their path and You have Yours.

Spiritual Awakening is an “eye opener” like no other. To Know God exists, LOVE IS TRANSPARENT, the realisation that YOU ARE “the so much more” You have always known You Are.

We can choose here and NOW to “BECOME ONE”

You are being called to ACTION, to shine Your Light and Unite ‘Mankind’

Unconditional Love is the “key” to the Universe, LOVE IS IN YOU

God is with You every step of Your beautiful Journey, Love is and always will be Truth


God bless Your journey

“The number One Question”

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To “rediscover” Love for the very “first time” is a beautifully indescribable, beautiful moment. To know in that moment exactly who You are and what You are connected to.

Striving to know who we are? is the number one question.

You are connected to a “cosmic” gateway, infinite “open doors” and Limitless power.

The Power of God, the Power of Love…

is “inside” You

“Knowing” Love brings peace, balance and more Love to your World


Free will…

God bless Your Journey

‘little pleasures’

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Something refered to as “little pleasures” is self ‘justification’, “we” convince ourselves’ that,  however ‘small’ our indulgences to the negative are, ‘they’ are deemed ‘acceptable’.

‘Indulgences’ to the negative, keep us from our Truth.


The more You heal on the “inside”, the more You change Your ‘outside’ world

The power is in You…You are worthy


Love is a beautiful Truth, be Love and BE FREE


“Deep” to find You

questions answers signage
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If all we do is focus on what we don’t have, all we will “have”, is what we don’t

Saying; “I hope” is…. Guessing with uncertainty,

Believing is ‘knowing’ and ‘knowing’ is Believing

Love and self belief go hand in hand


“look” deep “inside” and You will Find You


Self improvement is often the best “cure”

“There is purpose in everything and everything in Purpose”


Love show You Your “purpose”, God bless Your journey



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adult anger art black background
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‘Anger’ is an emotion like any other, it is a ‘gauge’ as to how “We” are “feeling”, it shows us who we choose to be in that moment. “Anger” is a ‘defense’ mechanism when confronted by Truth.

They are our “emotions” it’s our “anger” and it’s our Truth.

‘saying’ “something” or “someone” made “us” Loose “our” “temper”, is ‘saying’ “we”gave “our” emotions to an outside source to control

“emotions” let’s us know how to affect change, Within

“Anger” is part of “our” will, LOVE is God’s Will

Emotions are powerful gifts when immersed in Love.


You are a beautiful Soul and deserve a beautiful every new moment, God bless Your journey