Those who are meant to read it, Will…

You are here for a reason, exactly where You are meant to be in this moment. Be open to the voice of the Universe. When You are open to the guidance of Your heart, You will hear both the spoken and unspoken word , You will  begin to notice signs and messages everywhere.
Try not focus on the who is saying it but rather on the what is being said….If it resonates with You, pay attention to it.

As You shift Your conscious awareness to how You feel and raise Your vibration, You will begin to see how the people, circumstances and surrounding in Your life begin to change. When You change, they change.

You are on the leading edge of creation, following Your bliss will lead to Your desires.
Be inspired to inspire, it all starts with You……….You are the Placebo!

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"You have come too far to give up on who You are".................TO TRULY KNOW LOVE ................give Love freely, Know Your Worth, Be all You can be, Love and be free.........become ONE