You have come too far to give up on Who You are…

Do You want to live a more fruitful and beneficial life, to be the most elevated version of You that You can be?

I am offering one on one consultations. Half hour or hourly chat sessions in which You are able to discuss and ask questions pertaining to the areas of Your life You wish to improve.

Areas of concern:

Spiritual growth/ healing

Positive focus


How to Love and be Loved

Overcoming rejection and the need for acceptance

Dealing with and Overcoming addiction

How to control Your thoughts

How to predict Your future

How to heal the emotional and physical body

These are but a few areas I have mentioned. You are welcome to touch on any of the topics I have listed or a topic of Your own that You require guidance and clarity on.

Private text chat consultation sessions to be conducted via Google ‘Hangouts’. If You do not have the app it is downloadable from google play store.

To book Your consultation, please click the payment link below

Please include Your name and email address as reference when making Your payment

Once I have received Your payment as confirmation for Your consultation, I will return email You, confirming an appointment time that suits You


Per Half hour: $15

Per Full hour: $30

I look forward to engaging with You.

Have an amazing and uplifting day


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"You have come too far to give up on who You are".................TO TRULY KNOW LOVE ................give Love freely, Know Your Worth, Be all You can be, Love and be free.........become ONE

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