The “Lies” we tell ourselves’

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We use the “pain” we ‘cling’ to as a measure for happiness.

You can ‘dwell’ in Your past and replay the ‘pain’ over and over again or realise that every part of Your journey including what You consider “mistakes” or “failure” have been a part of Your ‘growth’.

When You were a ‘child’, still unaware of what “pain” was, You would fall and “graze’ Your knee. All You knew was that the experience was unpleasant, You picked Yourself up, dusted off Your pants and continued on not giving the moment another ‘thought’.

We have “learned” that expressing and ‘dwelling’ in ‘pain’ and ‘self pity’ attracts sympathy and attention from ‘others’, hence, creating a false sense of self worth


Convincing ourselves’ that we would not know Love or happiness without “pain” or “failure” is living a Life of ‘regret’.

Success is not determined by how many ‘times’ you ‘fall down’ and ‘stand up’. Success is creating a beautiful Life in which You no longer “fall down”

You are Your own “measure”, Lead by Positive case

Love has, is and always will be, Love


God bless Your each new moment


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"You have come too far to give up on who You are".................TO TRULY KNOW LOVE ................give Love freely, Know Your Worth, Be all You can be, Love and be free.........become ONE

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