“Smoke and Mirrors”

“Labels, an illusion”

Realise that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. We have all been “taught” differently. Everyone is at a different point in their journey. “narcissist” is a “clinical term” Given to “others” when our own expectation of “normal” is not met. It is a socially accepted form of “judging”.

If we continually focus on people’s “flaws” how do we ever Build Them Up
Love is selfless, love is Limitless………it knows No bounds. We all have Unique ‘gifts’ to fulfill our purpose, to shine our Light on humanity. By elevating others we elevate ourselves………..where there is Love, there is only Love

LOVE opens our “minds” to our TRUTH and the Wisdom to Enlighten “others”.

Giving past ’emotional scaring” a “label” only empowers the “event”. It is now ‘given’ a “name” and has a constant reference, allowing the “baggage” to be projected into the future. As long as our focus is on the “past” we are unable to LOOK FORWARD ‘Yes, the “past” gives us experience and knowledge, LOVE gives us the Wisdom to KNOW how to use it.

Your TRUTH is who You are NOW……..The “past” no longer exists.

Love gives us The POWER to “SEE” PERFECTION

We are all beautiful souls, blessed with a beautiful Life.

Focus on the Divine spark inside of You and Have a beautiful journey

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"You have come too far to give up on who You are".................TO TRULY KNOW LOVE ................give Love freely, Know Your Worth, Be all You can be, Love and be free.........become ONE

7 thoughts on ““Smoke and Mirrors””

  1. Throughout this entire post I was saying YES out loud! Too many including ourselves only see the flaws or if someone just happens to fall outside of the “norm” box, forget it. I’ve been pegged with so many names that it just gets to the point of me saying if you don’t accept me for who I am NOW then I really don’t wish you to be in my life. We all need to build one another up …. not tear each other down. When we do that, we are actually hurting all involved. I LOVED your post! Thank you! 🌹

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      1. Yes, and we are head over heals in Love with that sweet, gentle infinity! 🙂 How is it possible? Everything is possible – in love, in God! 🙂 Thank YOU. Feel so blessed to connect with you. I bow down to sweet grace. 🙂

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