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A gifted life

Knowing who We are and what we are part of…

To understand who we are, we need to know what Love is. Love is the energy that connects us all. It is the One thing …….We All search for

Love is not butterflies in Your stomach, nor is it an emotion.

Love is wanting the best for each other and all living things. Love is an action, to give of Yourself…….selflessly, expecting nothing in return.

LOVE is the corner-stone of our existence. LOVE is the energy We are created from. We are Gifted this life to LOVE, LIVE and to GIVE life.

“to Love is to know God”

We are all connected to creation… We are all part of the SAME creation, we are connected to our Creator, each other and every part of creation. We are Blessed with an infinite soul, which is housed by a beautiful and perfectly designed vessel to carry us through our journey of life. INFINITELY WOW! how BLESSED we are.

Be grateful and thank Your Creator for choosing You. Be grateful for all You are gifted.

To attract Love, we must give Love……………….project positive and You will attract positive. Project negative and that is what You will surround Yourself with. Project Your most elevated self, the very best part of You (You are worth it). Project Love in every choice You make.

Elevate Yourself and in doing so, You elevate others. What You project into the Universe is what You will be drawn to. Make every choice a positive one with only Love in mind, a choice that not only elevates You, but elevates all of mankind. We are all worth it.

With each and every soul projecting Love, we create a perfect World, ‘Heaven on Earth’.

There is a burning desire of omniscience (the need to know all there is to know)inside all of us. All the answers to all the questions. When We project Love into the universe we elevate ourselves and we open our hearts and minds to a higher level, our most elevated self…….our knowing and understanding of Mankind’s purpose becomes transparent.

We have been gifted the Power to create a perfect future for eternity. Our eternal souls are infinite therefore connected to eternity.We are all connected to God and creation therefore part of the eternal future, God is eternal.

It is what we do in this life, the choices We make which determines that future.

This is our life to Live……… it is also our life to Squander


Know Your worth…LOVE and BE FREE









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"You have come too far to give up on who You are".................TO TRULY KNOW LOVE ................give Love freely, Know Your Worth, Be all You can be, Love and be free.........become ONE

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